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Preguntas más frecuentes

What is Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) / FASTag?

NHAI has rolled out program for Electronic Toll Collection on Toll Plazas on National Highways to be called FASTag. FASTag is a device that employs Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology for making toll payments directly from the prepaid account linked to it. FASTag offers near non-stop movement of vehicles through toll plazas and the convenience of cashless payment of toll fee with nation-wide interoperable Electronic Toll Collection Services.

What are the benefits of using FASTag?

1. Ease of payment – No need to carry cash for the toll transactions, saves time 2. Near non-stop movement of vehicles leading to lower fuel cost. 3. Online Recharge – FASTag can be recharged online through Credit Card / Debit Card / NEFT/ RTGS or Net banking 4. SMS alerts for toll transactions, low balance, etc. 5. Online Portal for customers 6. Incentive: You can avail a cashback of 2.5% on all Toll payments using FASTag 7. Other benefits are: (a)Environmental benefit : • Reduced air pollution, • Reduced use of paper (b)Social benefit : • Reduced toll payment hassles , • Analytics for better highway management (c) Economic benefit : • Reduced effort in management at toll plaza, • Reduced effort in monitoring centrally.

Is FASTag compulsory & is FASTag for any particular kind / category of vehicle?

Adopting FASTag is voluntary at this stage of the program. However, it may be made mandatory in future at some locations. FASTag is applicable for all categories, kinds, makes and types of vehicles.

Who is implementing this program?

Indian Highways Management Company Limited (IHMCL) (a company incorporated by National Highways Authority of India) and National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) are implementing this program with help from Toll Plaza Concessionaires, FASTag Issuer PNS Agencies and Toll Transaction Acquirer (select banks).

How can I buy FASTag and what documents are required?

The customer may visit any of the Point of Sale (POS) locations at Toll Plazas / Issuer Agency to get your FASTag account created. Customer may call on customer care no. Of the Issuer Agency to know more details. For list of Point of Sale (POS) locations Customer need to submit a copy of the following documents along with the application for FASTag: 1. Registration Certificate (RC) of the vehicle. 2. Passport size photograph of the vehicle owner 3. KYC documents as per the category of the vehicle owner (viz. Individual / corporate): For Individual : ID proof and Address proof from the list mentioned and 1 passport size photograph. Driving License PAN Card Passport Voter ID Card Aadhar Card (with address) For instance, valid driving license would be sufficient for Address & ID proof. For Corporate customers and other details please visit web site of the participating banks / issuer Agency. Note: (i) Issue of FASTag is subject to verification of original documents mentioned above by the issuing agency. (ii) Customers are advised to bring originals of above documents while visiting PoS for purchase of FASTag. (iii) The FASTag will be fixed on the vehicle’s windshield by the representative of the Issuer Agency only. (iv) Any representative of the vehicle owner can provide the above documentation and information and purchase the FASTag.

How will I get to know if and how much toll has been debited?

The customer will receive an SMS with requisite details to his registered mobile number as soon as the toll transaction takes place. Periodic statement of account may also be obtained on website of the Issuer Agency after registration by the customer.

Do I need to use any specific lane at the toll plaza for FASTag?

A vehicle with FASTag may use any lane at toll plazas by making cash payment. However, the FASTag will work only in the lanes demarcated for FASTag. Vehicle without valid FASTag entering FASTag lane will be charged double the applicable toll amount in cash.

Can I avail a Monthly Pass or Local Pass?

The monthly pass facility is specific to each toll plaza. You may call customer care of the participating bank / issuer agency for further details.

How and where do I finally pay the toll?

Issuer Agency will electronically deduct the applicable toll fee from the customer’s account linked to the FASTag. This deduction will be done post the toll transaction. The customer needs to adequately fund the account which is linked to FASTag. This recharge process may be termed as top-up.

How can I recharge my FASTag account?

You may recharge your FASTag account by making payment through cheque or online through Credit Card/ Debit Card/ NEFT/ RTGS or through Net Banking. FASTag account can be recharged upto Rs. 1,00,000.00 (Rupees One Lac only). For recharge, steps prescribed by the respective issuing agency on their web site need to be followed.

Is there any minimum value for such recharge / top up?

Yes, the minimum recharge amount is Rs. 100.

I have two vehicles, can I use one FASTag for two vehicles?

You will need to take two separate FASTags for the two vehicles.

Can a FASTag bought for my one vehicle be used for another vehicle?

No, FASTag is issued to each vehicle based on KYC documents submitted. If a FASTag for instance bought for one Car is used for a Truck then such FASTag shall get blacklisted resulting into denial of vehicle passage from FASTag lanes on Toll Plazas. FASTag users are advised to desist from such practice.

What do I have to do if I lost my FASTag? What will happen to the account balance?

You will need to call customer care number of the issuer agency to block your FASTag. Once you take a new account, the issuer agency will transfer the balance to the new account.

How would I know that the correct user fee has been deducted from my FASTag account?

Customer will receive an SMS alert in your registered phone number each time an amount is deducted from your FASTag account. Fee payable on each toll plaza may be seen on in addition to displayed at concerned toll plazas.

How would I report an incorrect deduction and how will I get back the same?

Customer can report an incorrect deduction by calling us at customer care number of the issuer agency. The agency will review your request and necessary action.

How do I block my FASTag account, in case my vehicle is lost?

Customer can call up customer care of the issuer agency and block his / her FASTag account.

I have new vehicle fitted with RFID Tag. How to get it activated?

Please contact the PoS of respective Issuer Agency.

I have FASTag and also balance in my linked account, but I could not go through ETC lane. How do I get my FASTag checked/ rectified to see whether it is active or not?

Please refer to steps under Standard Operating Procedure (SoP) for FASTag user. Customer to raise a request regarding the same by calling customer care of the respective Issuer Agency.

I reside within 10 Km of a particular Toll plaza. Do I need to take FASTag to get the concessions available for local vehicles?

Yes, you can, if you need to access and use FASTag lane and to avail cash back.


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